R Series Overview

 R1 series is CORECESS next generation broadband access platform that has compact form factor for the deployment in node or curb. R1 is a series of fixed configurations 1 RU box type products that share common look-and-feel and expansion modules. R1 series products provide the latest broadband access technologies such as VDSL2 and Fast Ethernet with one expansion slot for optical links such as Gigabit Ethernet, GEPON and WDM PON from S5 OLT platform. It provides economic integrated solution for deep-fiber network.

  Advanced layer two packet processing technology implemented on the top of full IP based architecture brings functional excellences such as QoS and multicast into R1 series products. High performances of packet ?processing make them to be the perfect solution for TPS offerings of residential service and high bandwidth capacity fits well to commercial service. The various high capacity optical links such as Gigabit Ethernet, GPON, GEPON and WDM PON give the flexibility in network design and enables service coverage to be extended with maximum bandwidth.

  R1 series is primarily stand alone product that works alone in a small scale deployment, but it supports cascading of any technology, any product of the same series to cover economically and efficiently the mid-scale deployment of more than 100 subscribers. Copper gigabit Ethernet uplink can be used for on site cascading, while fiber Ethernet is for cascading or subtending to remotely located sites.

  R1 series products are temperature hardened to be easily installed into various circumstances such as in-door rack, street cabinet or CEV. All R1 series products are rack mountable into 19inch rack and provide full front access for installation, configuration and management.

  R1 series products can be managed from anywhere in the network through in-band management channel within the backhaul network. Also provided is out-band management through serial console interface. R1 series supports SNMP, RMON, Telnet and CLI. ViewlinX™