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 Corecess designs, develops and manufactures the telecommunication equipment for the broadband access network, especially for the fiber based access network with the state-of-the-art optical link technologies such as the Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON), the Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network (GEPON) and the Wavelength Division Multiplex Passive Optical Network (WDM PON). Since incorporated in 1997, Corecess has served more than 5 million broadband connections for the operators in worldwide. With these deep and extensive experiences on the broadband access market, Corecess provides the integrated solutions for the fiber based access network that brings the quantum jump of the bandwidth while enhancing the intelligence and keeping the economics. The Corecess’ future proof optical link technologies such as GPON, GEPON and WDM PON make lower the barriers of the operators to realize their ultimate dreams of the FTTH network and the wide ranges of ONT enables operators to deliver TPS and QPS with a unified network plaform. Corecess’ FTTH solution is ready for the transition to the IPv6 network. Corecess’ FTTB network solution where the latest last mile solution such as VDSL2 and Fast Ethernet switch connected directly to these advanced optical links enables the operators the homogeneous service through offering the high bandwidth on their as-is network with the minimum cost. Corecess' complete line of FTTH solutions enrich the service offerings of the operators and makes the access network reliable, manageable and more cost effective while providing the seamless migration path for the next generation access network. All products are aided with enhanced GUI based management system that enables operators to manage efficiently their network resource and customers.

 With a quality manufacturing setup certified with ISO 9001:2000, the products undergo stringent quality procedure, to provide world class telecommunication access gears.

 With the world wide fame and experience in access network arena, Corecess has strong market presence in the advanced regions of the broadband access such as Asia including Japan and Korea, Europe and Northern America and making strong progress in untapped and emerging markets. The Corecess' list of customer base boasts of the world class broadband access providers that have networked their infrastructure, the Corecess way.


 Corecess designs its equipment hardware and software and runs its own manufacturing facility, in order to meet the reliability and scaling needs of the world's largest and most advanced networks, enabling applications to run in the most demanding and challenging environments.

 Besides making a constant endeavor to evolve in the networked world, Corecess believes in providing solutions for the Internet Access Network that-

1. Can integrate all services within the Internet.
2. Easy and simple to deploy and operate.
3. Guarantee the reliability and service availability.
4. Build cost effective and flexible infrastructure.
5. Generate new revenue streams by creating advanced and cost-competitive services.
6. Optimizing resource utilization and creating a unified, reliable and nfrastructure.

 Corecess wants to stay as a leading innovator in the broadband and become a real contributor to the global society.

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