Mobile Data Off-Load


 Mobile traffic is soaring and predicted to be continued in the future due to wide spread of personal mobile equipment such as smart phone. Wi-Fi network is considered to be one of the most efficient way of mobile data off-load. Started from the hot-zone service in early days of broadband service, Wi-Fi became indispensable at home and office. Operators are establishing the Wi-Fi network in the street to off-load the ever increasing mobile data traffic.

 Corecess provides the mobile data off-load solution with the various types of Wi-Fi enabled ONT. With combination of indoor type for home or office and environment hardened high power outdoor type Wi-Fi enabled ONT, service providers can establish the most efficient Wi-Fi network integrated on GPON or GEPON FTTH network. Direct connection of Wi-Fi access point to the GPON or GEPON OLT enables the service providers to keep the centralized simple management of their network resource and subscribers.


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